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Connecting investors with vetted early-stage opportunities across Asia

Expand Your Investment Horizon

Whether a novice or a veteran, join other angels within our network to reap the economic benefits of early-stage investments.

What We Do
What To Expect

Often times, deals we like are a little too much for our appetite. Sometimes we want the opportunity to diversify our investment by splitting a ticket into two.

Ooosh Investor Club offers a Syndication Platform where Angel Investors can consolidate efforts and build a diversified portfolio of Angel Investments.

A unique attribute of Ooosh Investor Club, Investment Discounts are available at times to Featured Deals. Featured Deals are deals that are endorsed by Ooosh. Startups in Feature deals have been professionally monitored by Ooosh for at least 3 months in return for an Investment Discount to our Investor Club members.

Members will gain access to deals coming from the Ooosh Tech Lab Ecosystem, namely our Venture Capital, Incubation and Coworking Spaces, with a diversified demographic reach across East & Southeast Asia.

Only Technology Startups will be listed. Regular circulation of deals will be pushed to Members.

Relevant Deal Flow

Investment Incentives


Embrace Digital Transformation with our Corporate Innovation and Technology Solutions. Leveraging on exclusive Enterprise-Level, cutting edge sales and marketing technology, we optimize lead generation and sales & marketing efforts for businesses big and small, to keep them afloat in the hyper-evolutionary era.

Technology Solutions

With flexible, smart workspaces and a ever-growing membership base of New Economy businesses, investors, entrepreneurs, digital marketing experts and tech mentors, we create a both a physical and virtual platform for an inclusive community with different passions, networks and expertise to connect, share knowledge, create ideas and grow.

Community Network

Talent and capital are the life and blood of a sustainable startup ecosystem. Our incubation and investment arms search high and low across Asia and handpick the finest early-stage startups with raw potential for exponential growth, injecting smart capital into the most exceptional teams.

Incubation & Investment

Clients & Members


6/F, 101 King's Road, North Point,

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

+852 2155 0999


+852 2785 8588

Unit 803, 8/F, 479 Castle Peak Rd., Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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Let's Thrive in Digital Transformation

Ooosh Tech Lab is an innovation and entrepreneurship powerhouse addressing challenges and obstacles in Digital Transformation.

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Ooosh Investor Club is an inclusive Investor Community where both aspiring and veteran Investors are welcome to join.

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Affiliate Partner

  • Access To All Active Deal Flows

Eligibility: No Investment Experience Required. 


Executive Partner

  • Access to Deals Syndicated by Ooosh Tech Lab

  • Submit Deals With Guaranteed Listing

  • Investment Discount on Featured Deals

  • Access To All Active Deal Flows

Eligibility: Min. of USD50,000 Investment In Tech Startup(s) Made


investment Partner

  • Investment Discount on Featured Deals

  • Access To All Active Deal Flows

Eligibility: Min. of USD10,000 Investment In Tech Startup(s) Made


Ooosh Tech Lab address challenges and obstacles in Digital Transformation for technology startups, investors and enterprises.

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Ooosh Tech Lab Logo
Ooosh Tech Lab Logo