Our Team

Jeffrey Cheng

Co-Founder | General Partner

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Alex Cheng

Co-Founder | General Partner

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Jamie Cheung

Co-Founder | General Partner

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Peony Wong

Senior Business Manager

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Rohini Chugani

Senior Marketing Manager

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Mandy Cheung

Assistant Operations Manager

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Our Vision | To level the playing field by facilitating equal opportunity and furthering scalable impact on our world. We believe technology is the means by which we can level the playing field, creating equal opportunities to prosperity

Our Name | Ooosh was inspired by a sound Jeff exclaims when he manages to do something successfully. This phrase was chosen to help inspire you, pump you up, and motivate you to strive to the next level of your startup journey.

Our Brand Value


We work closely with our startups to define growth-focused KPIs that will make them investment ready. We leverage our experience as entrepreneurs and corporate finance executives to provide honest practical guidance and opportunities. 


We are creative, resourceful, and connected, providing unique dealflows, growth facilitation (from investment, mentorship, hiring, and partnerships), and exit opportunities.


We are always on the lookout for innovative startups in emerging industries and targeted, personalised ways we can support our portfolio teams.


As entrepreneurs ourselves, we are energetic, hands-on, and committed to excellence. We’re always available to advise and provide support in any way possible at any stage to facilitate growth.


6/F, 101 King's Road, North Point,

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

+852 2155 0999



+852 2785 8588


Unit 803, 8/F, 479 Castle Peak Rd., Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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Ooosh Tech Lab is an innovation and entrepreneurship powerhouse addressing challenges and obstacles in Digital Transformation.

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Ooosh Tech Lab address challenges and obstacles in Digital Transformation for technology startups, investors and enterprises.

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