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We are an Integrated Venture Capital Firm offering a free incubation program to help make your startup investment-ready.


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Let's Thrive in Digital Transformation

Ooosh Tech Lab is an innovation and entrepreneurship powerhouse addressing challenges and obstacles in Digital Transformation.

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General Enquiries

We welcome collaboration enquiries of any sort. Please leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Semi-Tailored Program

6 Months

Of Weakness-Focused Incubation

Incubation Fee


OTL Invest In Return Of


On Future Equity

Investment Referral

30% For First US$100,000

20% For Next US$100,000

10% For Any Amount Beyond



Innovative Software Solutions Solving One Particular Untapped, Inefficient Problem


Teams Should Have A General Idea On What They Wish To Build


Have At Least One Technical Co-Founder


Geographically Based In Hong Kong Or South East Asia



Kickstart your fundraising with an initial investment in return for 1.25% of future equity.

Regional Funding

Kick-start your fundraising with institutional and angel investors across South East Asia to build interest and momentum for your business.



Automatically eligible for future rounds of follow-on fundings by Ooosh Tech Lab.

Strong Fundamentals

Build the core foundation of a true enterprise around your technologically innovative idea to set yourself up for real growth and sustainable, long-term business success.



Through exclusive demo days and events, you can share your business with our extensive network of investors, potential customers, and employees across Asia.


Coworking Space

24/7 Access to our Coworking Space in Hong Kong

Past The Stage Of Incubation?

Share Your Progress With Us For Direct Investments


We have gained invaluable insights and domain knowledge from the Ooosh team and business experts among their network. We are grateful for the help and advice since day one of our startup journey from their passionate team.

Edwin Wong

Co-Founder and CEO of Cloudbreakr

Jeffrey and Alex’s styles are very personal. They spent  a lot of time with us to understand our needs and difficulties in order to provide the most relevant and practical advice possible. This also means they were knowledgeable enough to filter investors that best suit our needs very well, resulting in a higher ability to secure investments.

Jordan Chung

Co-Founder and CEO of KrunchData

We are excited to have Ooosh Tech Lab on board. There are a few VC's in Hong Kong with a Travel-Tech acumen and expertise and Ooosh Tech Lab is one of them. The team is very hands-on supporting the founders with advice, resources such as office space, and access to a network of investors that would have been hard for us to reach. We are confident that working together will bring more success to our venture.

Sebastian Rezaccci

Co-Founder and CEO of TripGuru

We are grateful to be part of the family. As a startup, you want to work with investors and mentors you can trust and rely on, and the Ooosh team is definitely one of them. Not only is the team experienced and helpful, but once they invest in a company, they trust and support the company to fulfill its mission during each step of the way. We are glad to have the team with us as we continue to grow.

Simon Lau

Co-Founder and CEO of Zectr

Edwin Wong

Co-Founder and CEO of Cloudbreakr

Edwin Wong

Co-Founder and CEO of Cloudbreakr

Edwin Wong

Co-Founder and CEO of Cloudbreakr

Coworking Space

Starting at HKD1,000/mth


By Ooosh Coworking

Growth Acceleration

Regional Expansion,

Playbook Formulation, and Market Activation.


In Partnership w/ Houston Collective

Management Advisory

M&A, Financial Advisory and

Due Diligence.


In Partnership w/ Somerley Capital



We accept startups on a rolling basis, tailoring the program to each startups’ needs.


Embracing Ubuntu, the concept of togetherness and community - “I am because we are”, we have opened up our Resources Library to everyone. ​

What was meant to be exclusive for our incubatees, portfolio teams and coworking members, anyone can now purchase a lifetime membership to our collective of up-to-date resources on innovation, technology & entrepreneurship for USD9.95 (no hidden fees or credit card information stored).

Incubator, Accelerator & VC Rolodex

Knowledge Database

Productivity ToolKit

Document Templates

Promotions & Discounts

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join Ooosh Incubator?

  • Compared to other government and private programs on the market, Ooosh's Incubator is personalised with weekly one-on-one mentoring with Ooosh's Investment General Partners and relevant industry mentors within our network.

  • Our program is also designed to ensure startups are on the right track to becoming an investible, viable business upon graduating. We have a 50% graduation rate and 100% of them secured investments from our network.

  • Our program is designed in a way where all our interests are aligned - for example, in areas such as incentives to complete the program in a timely manner, build traction for fundraising, and fulfilling potential investors’ concerns.  

Would Ooosh Tech Lab consider investing more than USD10,000?


Yes, we have done and can do. However, this will only potentially occur as a follow-on investment in the next fundraising round.

What is your investment criteria?

We have 4 core criterias for investment:

  1. Focus - is your idea an innovative software solution solving one particular untapped, inefficient problem

  2. Prototype ready - you should have a general idea on what you wish to build

  3. Technical - you must have at least one technical co-founder that has the ability to build, or lead a team to build, your software

  4. Location - must be geographically based in Hong Kong or South East Asia

What are your deal terms?

  1. We charge zero incubation fees.

  2. We kickstart your fundraising with an initial invest in return for 1.25% on future equity.

  3. We will help you fundraise from our investor network with the following referral fees:

  • For the first $100,000, we take 30%

  • For the next $100,000, we take 20%,

  • For any additional amount raised beyond, we take 10%

Will OTL charge fees on investments that are not referred by OTL?

No, we will not. We will upkeep an investor list for each of our teams  in order to track investors we have specifically referred. Investors that have not been referred by us will not be charged.

How will the 1.25% future equity be structured?

It will be constructed as a SAFE where we will receive 1.25% at your next equity raise. To learn more about a SAFE, follow this link.

Is the program fixed at 6 months?

The short answer is yes. However, teams will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. If teams appear closer to being investment ready, we may, and have, reduced our program duration accordingly.

Incubation program for structuring.

During our program, our partners will work closely with your startup in a structured yet tailored program focused on work ethic, team chemistry, strengths & weaknesses, people development, operational advisory, and growth-focused KPIs.

We support startups with three separate mechanisms:

Ooosh Tech Lab acts as your lead investor.

Upon completing our 6-month incubation program, we will make an investment into your startup to kick-start your fundraising round and help to introduce you to other relevant investors within our network across South East Asia.

Investor sourcing and closing.

We carefully match you with relevant, strategic investors across our network within South East Asia to help you raise your initial Seed round. We will closely manage this process, helping to facilitate connections and build strategic alliances.

Ooosh Tech Lab address challenges and obstacles in Digital Transformation for technology startups, investors and enterprises.

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